Tiled Place Cards with Leftover Tile

Posted November 22, 2021

Guest Post by Monica Chavez, House of Esperanza

On this no tile left behind project we are going to be making custom table place cards perfect for family dinners and holiday gatherings.  I’m using leftover tile from one of my favorite Jeffrey Court mosaics, the Midnight Hex Mosaic that I used in my laundry room renovation.

What You Need:

  • Leftover tile or your favorite tile
  • A metallic paint pen or electronic cutting machine


I simply peeled the individual hexagon pieces from the backing keeping the mosaic together.  The tile pieces are a great weight and statement piece are on their own!

You could easily take a metallic paint marker and hand letter names directly onto the tile surface, or if you have an electronic cutting machine you can print custom stickers.

For this example, we gathered our cutting machine and gold colored vinyl.  After choosing a beautiful font, and entering our desired settings, we added our names into the computer program that syncs to the machine.



The machine got to work cutting and then it was time to “weed” the lettering from the rest of the vinyl.

Following manufacturer instructions, we applied vinyl transfer tape to our freshly cut names and prepared to transfer them directly to the hexagon tiles.


I centered the name on the tile and firmly pressed down with a straight edge.  Then peeled back the transfer tape carefully making sure the vinyl adhered to the surface.

Not only do these tiles make great table place card alternatives but they also double as a parting gift.  I know I’ll be using mine on my desk as a beautiful paperweight.


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