DIY Valentine’s Day Coasters

Posted February 14, 2023


Valentine’s Day is here and what better way to celebrate love and affection than with a set of custom coasters made from leftover tile. These coasters will make a thoughtful personal gift for your loved ones.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Tile (preferably field tiles, can be ceramic, stone or marble)

Vinyl cutter or scissors

Vinyl on a valentine’s day-themed color or pattern

Transfer tape


Coaster cork or Felt

E6000 Glue (or similar)


Step1: Square the tile pieces

Measure your leftover tile pieces to make sure they are square. If they are not, use a tile cutter to shape them into squares

Step2: Cut the vinyl

Use your machines software to create a design then load the vinyl unto your cutter and allow the vinyl cutter to cut out a design

Step 3: Apply the vinyl

Make sure the surface is clean by wiping it with rubbing alcohol. Take your cut out design already weeded and on transfer tape, remove the backing from the transfer tape and apply to the tile piece, smoothing out any air bubbles, and remove transfer tape.

Step 4: Add the cork or felt

Apply generous amount of glue to the bottom of the tile piece and stick a piece of coaster cork or felt to it. Press firmly to ensure a strong bond, and let the glue dry completely. Trim if necessary.

Step 5: Repeat the process for as many coasters as you need. And let the vinyl set for 72 hours before use.


Tie the coasters together with a ribbon and add a personalized note or package them in a gift box.


Creating custom coasters from left over tile is a simple, yet meaningful DIY project for Valentine’s Day. This will make for a thoughtful and personal gift for your loved one. Find your leftover tile or grab a few pieces from The Home Depot and  and enjoy your new custom coasters.


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