Visual Fireworks in the Making

Posted June 24, 2020

All-Star Renovation Challenge Week 3 With only two weeks left until the big reveals in the All-Star Renovation Challenge each designer has been hard at work with some big changes happening.  Shara placed a new tub in the master suite for her parents, while also tidying up some tile and paint with partner Behr and FrogTape.  Virginia created a tiled... Read More


Laying the Groundwork

Posted June 17, 2020

All-Star Renovation Challenge Week 2 Welcome to the week where your all-stars really show us what they’re made of.  This week is normally the time where renovations decide to challenge you to the max. All the things that can go wrong, go wrong. They require at least 101 trips to Home Depot, pizza for dinner, and recruiting family members to help... Read More


The Game Plan | All-Star Renovation Challenge Week 1

Posted June 10, 2020

And we’re off! It’s week 1 of the All-Star Renovation Challenge and man oh man are there some great spaces to be completely transformed. Thanks to Behr Paint and FrogTape for the added support for each All-Star.  Demo is well underway and prep for these diamonds in the rough is starting to take shape.  This week Nicole of Simply Aligned... Read More