Tiled Backsplash with an Exposed Edge

Posted August 10, 2022

Guest post by: Monica Chavez, House of Esperanza 

It’s no secret that the Midnight Hex Marble Mosaic is one of my favorite Jeffrey Court tiles.  I also really enjoy an exposed edge on a tile backsplash. So that’s just what I did for the Speak Easy Lounge Project.

After having installed a bathroom backsplash using the Shadow Mountain Gray with an exposed edge using traditional mortar adhesive, I wanted to try a different product that would make leaving the exposed edge easier.  I decided to use a tile setting mat, which is essentially a roll of super sticky paper that goes on your surface and then instantly bonds with your tile. The sticky paper is going to allow for a mess free install of the tile, which was the biggest challenge when wanting to leave a cleanly exposed tile edge.

I set the sticky paper onto the clean wall behind where my bar sink would be going.  This product can be placed on painted or lightly textured drywall, as long as the surface is smooth so that the sticky backed paper can adhere well you are good to go.  I placed my mosaic tile sheets onto the setting mat according to the manufacturer instructions.  Once I decided where my exposed edge would be, I used a sharp utility knife to lightly and carefully cut away the remaining adhesive paper, leaving behind a very clean exposed edge on my tile.  It could not be easier!

Another plus to using a tile setting mat over mortar is that you can grout immediately if you’d like, cutting your tile project time in half.  I grouted the Midnight Hex Mosaic as I normally would any tile install.  I was cautious not to overdo the grout, as I got close to the exposed edge so that the grout line would end right at the edge and not look messy.

This tile backsplash is a showstopper against the bold wall color.  The exposed edge allows for the details in the hexagon marble to be front and center.  If you’ve been thinking about how to add unexpected dimension to a tile project, try an exposed edge! You might like it.

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