4 Tips for Choosing Grout Color

Posted July 2, 2020

Guest Post by KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms Your tile project is almost finished. You’ve finished laying the tile. Every piece is perfectly in place. And now? It’s time to add the grout. But which grout color? What if you choose a grout color that’s too dark? What if you choose a grout color that’s too light? You stand in... Read More


Laying the Groundwork

Posted June 17, 2020

All-Star Renovation Challenge Week 2 Welcome to the week where your all-stars really show us what they’re made of.  This week is normally the time where renovations decide to challenge you to the max. All the things that can go wrong, go wrong. They require at least 101 trips to Home Depot, pizza for dinner, and recruiting family members to help... Read More


Meet Your DIY All-Stars

Posted May 27, 2020

We’re kicking off our first-ever All-Star Renovation Challenge, with eight of your favorite DIYers and partnering with Behr + FrogTape this season for even more DIY action.  You may remember these renovations from seasons 1-4 over the last two years and we are so excited to invite them back for another round, to see who you vote as the $5,000... Read More