One Room Challenge Feature Designers Partner with Jeffrey Court

Posted April 4, 2018

Jeffrey Court is excited to sponsor the Spring One Room Challenge, that kicks off today. With so many wonderful designers we are happy to introduce you to our two designers who have been invited to transform their space in only six weeks. Crazy right? Six weeks to go from drab to chic. Catherine Williamson of the Mix Design Collective has... Read More


Life Of A Tile

Posted August 10, 2017

Installing tile in your home is a DIY accomplishment. We think of it as the final stage of the design process—the capstone of an interior renovation.   Tile is one of those things that is a part of everyday life. It’s everywhere! Homes, businesses, restaurants, resorts, landmarks, and more; but have you ever stopped to consider where it comes from... Read More


How To Augment Your Kitchen With A Backsplash

Posted January 3, 2017

Crammy Kitchen Turned Family Gathering Place The old saying, “A kitchen is the heart of the home” is true. One family from Litchfield Park, Arizona knows this very well from experience. Despite using their kitchen as a place to gather, the reality of their crammed and outdated space prompted a change. Enter Jared Bates, owner of Beacon Rock Custom Builders... Read More