How to Hang a Mirror on Tile (or anything!)

Posted October 15, 2019

Guest post by Lindi Vanderschaaf of Love Create Celebrate

We’ve gotten plenty of questions about how to hang a variety of things on tiled walls, and today we are sharing how to hang a mirror on a tiled accent wall. Join us as Lindi shares this simple how-to. 

A lot of people find hanging things on tile intimidating. If I do a whole wall of tile, how will I hang my mirror back up? When it’s not too heavy, we try Command Strips, but those often fail too, lol. So here’s the quick and easy way to drill into tile. 

What you need to hang a mirror on tile:

    • Diamond drill bit
    • Drill 
    • Mirror
    • Painter’s tape 
    • Cup of water
    • Drywall Plug
    • Screw(s)

You can drill into the tile or the grout with a diamond drill bit. When you drill into grout it will be faster and easier, so we would always recommend that when you can, as long as your mirror doesn’t look too low or too awkward.

Start by pulling out a diamond drill bit. If you don’t have one, they don’t cost too much and are definitely worth it so that you can get stuff up on your tiles. 

We used painters tape to mark out exactly where we wanted to drill. The painter’s tape lets us leave pencil marks without damaging the tile, and helps us make sure that everything is measured accurately and is level.

Start by drilling at an angle. These drill bits don’t have a pointed end, so this helps get into the space a little bit better. You don’t want your diamond drill bit to overheat, so you need to continuously dip it into the water to cool it down. 

After you’ve broken into the grout line or tile, you can straighten your drill, and drill straight into the wall until you hit the drywall. 

You likely won’t hit a stud, so you probably need to put a drywall plug into the wall before you drill your screws in. Once the screws are in place, you’re ready to add your mirror!

And just like that, you can finish off your space with your new mirror in place. 

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