How To: Cut Mosaics Featuring a Quick Fireplace Makeover

Posted June 17, 2021

Guest Post by Monica Chavez, House of Esperanza

I’m sharing how mosaic tile can be DIY friendly. If you’ve been eyeing the perfect tile for your next home renovation project, I’m here to say that YOU can do it yourself!

My sister’s fireplace was stuck in the 1990’s and was due for a makeover.  So, I did just that for her.  I even got my sister, who has zero DIY experience, to help.

The  Jet Stream Herringbone Honed Marble Mosaic was the perfect tile to make this a statement wall.


ProTip: Using a mosaic on a fireplace is a great option if it will also be a feature wall or in the surround. Using a large format tile option keeps the design more understated for you to change the decor more often. 

Once demo and prep were taken care of, we could get our beautiful marble tile installed. Let’s talk about those mosaic tile cutting tips and tricks.


Mosaic tiles are small pieces of tile that are held together on a sheet.  The mesh backing that hold together the small pieces can make it a challenge when cutting the tile to fit a space.

One way to ensure a smooth and straight cut while using a wet tile saw is by using painter’s tape along the front and back of the mosaic.  This provides rigidity that is needed to stabilize the mosaic sheet as it is pushed thru the saw.


ProTip: The tape also helps in preventing the marble from chipping or cracking as it hits the grinding wheel.

Mosaic tile projects usually don’t need a lot of cuts, but with this method the cuts you do make will look professional and you’re less likely to damage/waste unnecessary product.

You can already see a major difference in the style of this fireplace as the tile goes up.

Depending on the size of the project, this method might require a couple rolls of painter’s tape.  But it’s worth it to get those nice, clean cuts!

Mosaic tile can be intimidating to work with, but it doesn’t have to be! These sheets went up quick and easy.


ProTip: Using tile spacers when tiling a wall using mosaics can help to ensure the space amount of space is kept as you install for a clean look after applying grout.

White grout compliments the tile while letting the herringbone shapes be the star of the show.

The gray and white variations in this marble make it neutral enough for any style.  A DIY chunky mantle serves as a great landing zone for seasonal décor or year-round mementos.

I still can’t believe the simple, yet dramatic difference made by taking this tile floor to ceiling. The space now feels updated and more like the rest of the home.  The best part is that my sister can say she helped create this space with her own hands, even though she had never tried a project like this!

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