Coffee Chat: What to Expect in A Renovation

Posted June 11, 2019

Renovating your home can be exciting, but that feeling could quickly turn to dread. If a project goes over budget or takes longer to complete, that’s stress that nobody needs. We spoke to Jamin and Ashley Mills, owners of The Handmade Home, and they want to help your project succeed. So whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a home DIY beginner, you’ll know what to expect in any renovation.

Watch the full episode and download the printable checklist for all 5 things to expect before your next renovation.

Expect the Unexpected

You’ll always find something you didn’t plan for. Expect an “Aww, shoot” moment like tiles breaking or leaky plumbing so you’re not as surprised if they happen. If you know what to expect in your renovation, like worst-case scenarios for your project, it’s possible to stay under budget or on schedule.

Don’t Forget the Codes!

Find out your city’s codes and be flexible with your timing. Do your homework on codes before the renovation. If there are any violations during the process, you’ll have to rip everything out putting you behind schedule.

In a previous blog from Jamin and Ashley, Crusty Basement Love, they share how their city codes delayed renovations on their split level basement from 1978.

Have a Plan and Let the Team Know

Communicate with your contractors and suppliers, and have your materials ready. Let your installers know when materials are in or the delivery date to keep your renovation on schedule. If your installers know when supplies are delivered, they can take that into consideration during the planning phase.


We’d like to thank Jamin and Ashley of The Handmade Home for spending time to talk with us about their experiences with renovation surprises.  Hopefully this helps keep those stress levels down on your next renovation!

Get the Renovation Checklist

The best way to know what to expect in a renovation is good planning, and we’re here to help every step of the way! Download or print out the rest of Jamin and Ashley’s Renovation Checklist!

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