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Jeffrey Court is excited to have two of the Countries most creative people join our home, here at the House of JC Style. The designing duo help families across the country create their space into their dream home, all while renovating their own and sharing their DIY adventures with everyone. Welcome home Jamin & Ashley.

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Jamin and Ashley Mills of The Handmade Home

Jamin and Ashley Mills are the principal owners of The Handmade Home design studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Just this year they were named as 2 of the “Most creative people in the Country” by Country Living Magazine.

They have authored 4 books, are regulars on the CBS morning show in Nashville, TN delivering their take on design and renovations and are the authors behind thehandmadehome.net. They work with clients in the Nashville area helping them build or renovate their homes as well as work with clients nationally bringing a cohesive style to their homes as they create the spaces they love.

In their spare time, they’ve designed their own lines of art, wallpaper, fabric, and other home and decor goods. They have three kids, two adorable pups and the best little maple tree with two wooden swings in the front yard of their home in Franklin, TN.

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