JC Home Story: Jamin + Ashley Mills

Posted July 25, 2021

Guest post by The Handmade Home

Hello everyone! We’re Ashley + Jamin Mills from The Handmade Home, and we’re thrilled to be here today, to celebrate Jeffrey Court’s 30th Anniversary! As a part of that celebration, we’re honored to share our home story. So, without further ado, let’s have a little tour of sorts!

Once upon a time, we found a home and fell in love. It honestly didn’t make much sense, but we just knew.

The inside main level, was originally comprised of four smaller rooms. We blew it out, and raised the ceilings as well, to make it our great room. This heart of our home now holds the kitchen, eat in area, and a gathering space as well.

This was a view of the smaller living room, which we blew out to make the entire space. It was such a game changer for making our new-to-us house, a home.

This was the view from the small foyer, upon walking in.

It now holds the eat in kitchen area, as well as our kitchen.

This smaller home has been all about being smart with walls, utilizing storage, and so much more.

We love the way it opened up these spaces!

The next phase was our basement. We took it from the garage to this beauty.

Because at the same time, our outdoor renovation was also happening, which was such a great change.

We loved taking this once garage/basement area to a full-on finished room, so we could truly add to our home. This wood-looking hex tile is one of the very first Jeffrey Court products that we used, and it was a miracle worker for our transformed basement.

Their beautiful tile has helped establish a place that is not only multi-functional, but welcoming and warm. We use this space daily and our home wouldn’t be the same without it.

The basement included our laundry space – which is a wonderful change.

This Jeffrey Court tile works hard for us but also provides a beautiful backdrop for a great space.

And this area… is now my office / studio space.

We love that their tile is easy to clean and maintain, as well, so the flooring truly is effortless.

We actually use this as our main entryway as a family. It made a big difference to have space for all the bags, shoes, and more.

The year after that, we were ready for a pool room addition. Because the back of the house was once like this.

This was really a game changer for the way the entire home felt. We now had two dining areas, and multiple options for entertaining. Jamin and I spend more time in this space, than anywhere in the house, while the kiddos have taken over the basement, for good reason.

These gorgeous planters were handmade from some of our very favorites, Jeffrey Court’s Balancing Act mosaic tile. Yet another way we were able to integrate some of their beautiful product into our home. These were featured in their coffee table book, and were such a great game changer for our back porch area! See the full how to, here. 

We also adored changing this space into our pool room.

Again, we brought this gorgeous Jeffrey Court tile into the space, and it was so light and bright and happy. Such a game changer for our space! This has become a main gathering spot for our family, and it wouldn’t be the same without their tile.

Then, last year, Covid hit. We weren’t really going to do anything to our home in 2020. But we found it best to throw a lot of our energy on the outside. Because all this work on the inside, left the outside kind of neglected. It was time.

So, we took it in parts. We added privacy to our pool, knocked down our fence, and made a fun spot for entertaining.

But one of our very favorite spots included a cabana for the outside. You may have noticed our home doesn’t have a screened in porch, so we built this by hand and loved every moment of it. This is what the pool looked like when we moved in and what we’ve since changed it to.

The inside was another way we loved bringing in some of… you guessed it… that gorgeous Jeffrey Court tile!

It’s the perfect surface underfoot for a cozy, colorful cabana!

And our very favorite part, more of that wonderful Balancing Act Mosaic for our bar area!

It’s our own outdoor space and we love it so! Perfect for all things entertaining.

Jeffrey Court tile is truly one of our very favorite elements that we’ve used for making our home, our own.

“We don’t believe in the dream home, we believe in your home,” has been our motto for years now. One of our very favorite parts about working with Jeffrey Court, has been bringing their tile into our client’s homes, as well. They carry products that we believe in and stand behind. It’s a beautiful testament to their amazing array of awesome tile.

Thank you so much for tuning into our home story today. It’s one with quite a few chapters, and more to come. It’s been an honor to be a part of it, with Jeffrey Court as they celebrate their 30th anniversary.

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