A Marvelous Marrakech Kitchen

Posted August 30, 2018

Hey guys! Jamin and Ashley Mills here with The Handmade Home, and we’re excited to be back as guests today, to show you one of our favorite kitchen and backsplash combos! We love taking on our very own home projects, but we also have a passion for inspiring others. It’s all about the process of helping our amazing clients make their house a home, as well. We have a blast working on these projects with awesome people, to help them love where they dwell.

This project was for two nearly-empty-nesters who entertain friends, and host their adult children for family gatherings. They were in need of an inviting kitchen to reflect their love for life and all things new beginnings, along with something fresh for their space. The cabinets were a bit dark and looming, and the island was a beast of its own. The two level bar area seemed to block the eye, and felt a little dated with the other combos going on. So we were more than happy to take on the project!

The first thing to go, were those dark and looming cabinets. We were thrilled by how much space and light it brought into the room by changing the color and over all feel of the space. The builder’s grade granite was happily replaced with fresh countertops. The owners loved the look of soapstone, but not the maintenance. So we opted for an eye-candy black granite for understated elegance, and paired it with their new island in a gorgeous quartzite. Both are safe picks when it comes to maintenance, in an easy peasy kitchen.

But the game changer for us, was the backsplash. The gorgeous tile in the kitchen is, of course, Jeffrey Court. It’s their Marrakech Ceramic Mosaic, and it’s an absolute show stopper!

Their beautiful tile combined with the rest of the amazing kitchen elements were definitely what took the rest of the kitchen up a notch, from run-of-the-mill-every-day. It’s incredible how much larger and spacious everything feels… no more choppy space with all the black and tan.

Hello fresh!

We have this gorgeous tile on our list for installation somewhere in our own home. How about you?

Kitchens like these that aren’t a complete overhaul, but take on some of their already-amazing characteristics, are definitely some of our favorites. Like a good makeover on a person who’s feeling a little run down, these fabulous changes are what bring tired spaces back to life!

If you have more questions or would like to check out the space in more detail, be sure to check out our original post here. If you’d like to stop by, we’d love to hear from you about any questions you may have.

Have an inspired day!

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