Meet Your Season 7 Renovation Challenge Designers

Posted April 6, 2022

We are so excited to welcome nine all-new DIYers for Season 7 of the Renovation Challenge. It feels great to kick off the Spring with so many amazing designers and projects from all over the country.

This season we are joined by Speakman for the first time, and excited to have Wagner back as our partners this Spring.

Let’s meet our designers taking on one room in just six weeks, for their chance to win a $5,000 cash prize. Don’t miss your chance to join the action and vote weekly for your favorite designs.

Corey Peck from Reveal My DIY is taking on her laundry room, alongside her husband taking on their builder grade home to make it their own.

Joining from Georgia is Emily Alexander from Product of Grace Designs tackling her guest bath to welcome friends and family as the weather warms up.

Gracefully Jenni is taking her hallway bathroom from the studs to a stud (pun intended), while Karla Fisherrefreshes her bath for the Challenge.

Bringing in his one-of-a-kind touch to DIY projects, is Mike Thomas of You’ve Been Miked, as he transforms his laundry room. Be sure to get the story behind the name on his designer profile, here.

Now for a kicker, Sarah and Sarah take on their own bathroom renovations. That’s right, we have two Sarah’s this season, Sarah Merrell of Sarah Flips It and Sarah Nadarajah of Rocky Canyon rustic each giving their own spaces a much-needed refresh.

Bathroom renovations are in season with Tara Carney of The Carney’s Bloom and Vanessa Medina from First Gen House taking their drab bathrooms to fab all in six weeks.

With so many amazing renovations in store be sure to view all the designer profiles to get more insights, updates, and to vote for your favorites here.

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