Home Office Makeover with Wood-like Tile

Posted March 7, 2019

Guest post by Sara Davis of Sincerely, Sara D.

I am thrilled to be partnering with Jeffrey Court this year! Their gorgeous tile can help transform your home into a space you love.

We recently remodeled what was our kids’ playroom into a home office, and Jeffrey Court’s tile is definitely the highlight of the space!

Tiling a floor is not hard – it only requires a little knowledge and confidence going into the project. My first tile project was a backsplash just a few years ago. With a little practice, I am now tiling full spaces!

Before tiling a space, the old flooring must be removed. Our previous flooring was carpet, so removal was fairly simple.

Once the carpet was removed, we pulled any remaining staples and nails from the subfloor, then it was time to begin laying the cement board ( I share a full tutorial on laying cement board HERE). It is important to stagger them – you don’t want to ever have a place where all four corners meet.

Once the cement board is down and screwed, you will need to tape and mud the seams. The goal is to create a level space for the tile.

I began my tile at the doorway. You need to be strategic about how you lay it, and I want my tile to look perfect at the entryway (I share a tutorial for tiling floors and walls HERE).

From there, I extended out the tile and made sure to use spacers.

It was a long process, but the result is SO beautiful!

I used Teakwood by Jeffery Court for our home office, and it is stunning.

It looks like wood but provides the durability of tile.

Our tile flooring will look as good as new for years because spills won’t stain it easily, our kids can play on it without noticeable wear and pets won’t leave it scratched.

Wood-look tile is one of the easiest to maintain, and unlike hardwood, tile can withstand a majority of cleaning materials.

I love the variation and texture this tile brings to the space. Each tile appears unique.

It is amazing how much Jeffrey Court’s tile helped transform the space into one that we love and can enjoy for years to come!

Sincerely, Sara D.

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