Find Your Tile Style

Posted April 12, 2022

It’s week 2 in the Spring Renovation Challenge and it’s all about inspiration and finding your tile style.

With nine DIYers each style is totally their own, so when it came time to choosing tile for their spaces, they created some of the most inspiring mood boards.

Corey’s laundry design features warmer tones with soothing Carrara Marble field tiles, accented with another natural stone with the Suburbs Mosaic for her backsplash. The perfect mix with white and gold hardware to complete her laundry room look.

Taking a lighter design style, also with natural stone options, is Emily as she gives her bathroom a much-needed upgrade. With silver shower accents from Speakman the tile compliments the more glamorous design aesthetic. Hex mosaic flooring, subway tile in the shower with an extra special surprise for the entryway, you’ll have to wait until the big reveals to see.

A darker look from Jenni, created with two Basalt tile options with a 4” x 14” field tile and the Basalt Herringbone mosaic is a great way to create a design that grows with your family.

Karla takes on a more preppy look with our Norton Mosaic, while Mike sticks with neutral tones for his laundry room and a dark backsplash with the Basalt filed tile.

Sarah M. goes with a brushed gold and Weather Grey look with patterned accents for her guest bath. Sarah N. goes for a zen-like vibe in her bath with a pop featuring the Laurel Nickel mosaic with a subtle metallic accent.

One of the biggest changes comes from Tara with a sophisticated design with the equally sophisticated Bedford Mosaic and other natural stone tiles to complete the look.

Vanessa’s bathroom makeover takes a mix of tile options to create the perfect look combining the all-new Maisie Lane tile, Midnight Hex Mosaic and Taffeta White Subway tile, for a custom look.

So much amazing inspiration from our nine DIY challengers, as they take their ideas, put them on paper and are working to bring their tile styles to life with only four weeks left in Season 7 of the Renovation Challenge.

Get all the details, here and don’t miss a minute of the action.



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