Posted March 27, 2020

Guest post by Sara Davis of Sincerely Sara D.  

I have never found a doormat that I really loved, so I decided to start a DIY tile doormat and create the perfect one for our front door!

It was such an easy project to do in an afternoon. I first began with a large dog crate liner I found on Amazon. They come in a variety of sizes and are inexpensive.

Since screwing down the cement board would not be an option, like in most other flooring tile projects, I decided to use a strong adhesive to adhere the cement board to the crate liner.

Once the adhesive dried, I check to make sure the cement board was well-adhered. I taped the seams and then added the tile adhesive.

I’m using the Century Star mosaic for my doormat, and note that most mosaics are a great choice for an even easier install and fewer cuts. I did a dry fit before I actually installed the tile – just to be sure all the tiles were cut to size and to make the process easier. I knew once the tile mortar was down, I would not have a lot of time to run back and forth between the project and wet saw in the garage.

Once the mortar was dry, I grouted the entire piece with a dark, pre-mixed grout.

The end result is a gorgeous doormat to greet our guests, and a piece I hope to enjoy for years to come.

It looks high-end, but it was inexpensive and fairly easy to make. This is a great project for any leftover tile you may have sitting around from previous projects.

I love my new custom doormat that perfectly matches my home. 


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