DIY Kitchen Backsplash with Lolly Jane

Posted May 27, 2019

Alas, the quick fix for a non-kitchen backsplash has come to an end. You see, we purchased our home three years ago and the kitchen came with a rubbery bead board type paper in place of a backsplash. Consequently, it held all sorts of red sauce stains and oily splatters that’d just soak in.

One day, after unsuccessfully scrubbing a dark area clean, I made a little hole in the paper from my steel scraper (oops!) and got a wild hair to use said scraper and peel that paper off… I may or may not have also grabbed a heavy-duty flathead screwdriver and pried the top edge of the granite off as well! Now I had a tile-less DIY kitchen backsplash and needed a quick fix to cover it up before my husband got home from work! I wallpapered a faux subway tile pattern on top of it and there it sat for the last few years until we were ready for real tile.

Lolly Jane's kitchen backsplash and countertop.

From Faux Tile to Mosaic Tile

My sister Kelli recently renovated her dreamy farmhouse glam bathroom using Jeffrey Court’s Allegro White Fan and Mosaic Penny tile. When I saw the sheets they arrived in, I knew tackling my own kitchen backsplash would be easier than anticipated. I chose the Herringbone Ceramic Mosaic tile in Allegro White since my countertop is a busy granite (which wasn’t in our budget to replace) and I didn’t want two competing against each other.

Lolly Jane's kitchen backsplash mid-grouting.

We went back and forth on deciding which grout color to use in between the tile pattern but ultimately chose white as I’m not the best tiler in the world and the white is very forgiving with imperfections! ? A major plus is how affordable Jeffrey Court tile is for everyday homeowners like ourselves, plus the convenience of being able to make a Home Depot run to grab extra tile if you mess up (hypothetically speaking, of course!) is also a definite win!

I love how the herringbone mosaic pattern adds texture to the kitchen but isn’t too busy so I can accessorize around it still.

Lolly Jane's kitchen backsplash and countertop.

Love Restored

To be honest, I didn’t love my kitchen until after the tile was installed. It immediately added personality to my standard, builder grade kitchen and makes me not dislike the granite color as much… It also added some much-needed warmth that lets me embrace the brown in the countertop; I can add some woodsy, earth type elements (like flowers, wooden spoons, cake stands with wooden base, etc.) around it whereas before I felt like I could ONLY decorate in whites to keep it looking clean.

Lolly Jane's kitchen backsplash and cabinets.

The texture from the classic herringbone pattern really pulls everything together and I love going into the kitchen again!

Lolly Jane's kitchen backsplash with Allegro Herringbone tile.

That, and spills and splatters easily wipe off the gloss finish! Mom win!

We, like many kitchens, have that awkward transition where the edge of the wall meets the side of the cabinet and you’re not quite sure if you should have the tile stop at the cabinet or at the edge of the countertop. To finish off the tile in our own awkward corner, we made a Home Depot run (where we also purchased the backer board and other supplies for this project) and used a white color-coated aluminum metal tile edging trim.

I think it looks pretty polished!

Lolly Jane's kitchen renovation.

I love how custom my kitchen looks overall with this gorgeous Jeffrey Court Allegro White Herringbone mosaic tile!


  • carol says:

    looks beautiful. I purchased the Wolf Grey and am concerned white grout will look too busy. any suggestions?

    • Mark Carrillo says:

      Thanks, Carol! We hope you love it when it’s all said and done! What space are you using the tile in? You have several options depending on your other room elements and the overall style you’re going for.

      White grout can create a great contrast against the grey tile, allowing the color and herringbone pattern to really pop. But If you want a more neutral look, we recommend a grey grout like #115 Platinum or #165 Delorean Gray by Custom Building Products which you can find at The Home Depot.

      Hope this helps! We’d love to hear how your tile project turns out!

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