Life Of A Tile

Posted August 10, 2017

Installing tile in your home is a DIY accomplishment. We think of it as the final stage of the design process—the capstone of an interior renovation.


Tile is one of those things that is a part of everyday life. It’s everywhere! Homes, businesses, restaurants, resorts, landmarks, and more; but have you ever stopped to consider where it comes from and how it’s made. There’s a lot that goes into the making of tile. To explain this journey, we’ve outlined some of the most important aspects of the tile process from beginning to end. Scroll through the following gallery to learn the life of a tile:


We begin with the inspiration process which includes a combination of creativity, intelligence, and having fun!Finding inspiration for what will ultimately look good in your home takes a lot of… well... pinning.We are inspired by nature, however, our office location is not as picturesque. So we use a lot of Pinterest to help in our quest for inspiration.A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere. That’s what the design phase is all about!How do we get our design ideas? Many of them are a result of sketching.Autocad is a key player in the life of a tile.Sketches are transferred into more detailed drawings we call schematics.A productive day begins with Starbucks—A good jumpstart to the workday before emailing suppliers and delivering final specs.If a picture is worth a thousand words… A prototype is worth a bajillion pictures. 3D printing is just a small phase of the design process.There are things that emails cannot do... like sending reference materials for factory production.The next phase in the life of a tile is a back and forth process of sending and receiving samples to and from our suppliers.Scales are a great way for us to measure progress.The life of a tile includes a focused, team-centered approach that involves productivity and commitment. It’s how we get tile from concept to being installed in your living spaces!We make boards of what our tile looks like installed. This involves a ton of supplies.Our Sample Department handles business all day long, creating boards that eventually will be displayed at The Home Depot locations across America.Chances are, if you’ve visited the tile section at a Home Depot, you’ve seen one of these displayed.Our warehouse is the temporary home of Jeffrey Court tile. Its permanent home will be determined by DIYers walking through the doors of a Home Depot.Our tiles are boxed, prepped, and ready to be installed!All of our tile offerings receive their very own paparazzi session from our in-house superstar photographer. Images are uploaded to Home Depot's website where they will be viewed thousands of times by aspiring DIYers seeking inspiration.


From beginning to end, the life of a tile is one that requires constant planning, organization, and execution. Ultimately, what matters is how it looks in your living space. But now that you know what goes into the life of a tile, you’ll have more context the next time you think about renovating a space in your home. For additional inspiration, view our gallery and product pages which detail product specifics and helpful imagery. Or visit www.homedepot.com.


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