How To Augment Your Kitchen With A Backsplash

Posted January 3, 2017

Crammy Kitchen Turned Family Gathering Place

The old saying, “A kitchen is the heart of the home” is true. One family from Litchfield Park, Arizona knows this very well from experience. Despite using their kitchen as a place to gather, the reality of their crammed and outdated space prompted a change.

Enter Jared Bates, owner of Beacon Rock Custom Builders who is responsible for giving this 289 sq/ft kitchen new breath. Bates faced a variety of obstacles including an awkward peninsula, old cabinets, an outdated backsplash, a soft ceiling, limited space and the removal of a load-bearing wall. With the help of his sister-in-law and designer Katherin Bates, the team prepared to bring aesthetic solutions to the two week kitchen renovation project.


Small and crammy kitchen before renovation

Photo of kitchen prior to renovation. Includes old-fashioned flooring, out-of-trend-backsplash, and cabinets.


A seldom used half-bathroom was removed to tackle the issue of limited space which gave way to a kitchen island supplemented with granite countertops. Moreover, eliminating the kitchen’s soffits allowed clearance to raise ceiling height. This helped open the space and made room for taller maple cabinets which were augmented by recessed can lighting, under-cabinet lights and the impressive Jeffrey Court Brimstone backsplash available at The Home Depot.

Bates consulted the help of professionals to create special reinforcements when modifying the framing of a load bearing wall. Despite some trouble early on, Bates said, “In the end, everything worked out fine. This just confirmed why it is important that homeowners hire experienced, licensed contractors who know enough to double-check these sorts of issues.”


Photo of kitchen after renovation. Amazing backsplash.

Renovated kitchen at the conclusion of the project. Features Jeffrey Court’s Brimstone mosaic backsplash.


The end result of this project? An expanded layout, reinvigorated space, and a kitchen complete with all of the essentials necessary to facilitate comfortable family moments. The project onl

Blog post transcribed from original Houzz.com article written by Mitchell Parker, Houzz Editorial Staff.

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