Behind the Design: Life of a Tile

Posted August 19, 2020

We like to think of tile installation as the final part of the design process. Seeing our tile designs become a part of your home is the best part for us. And, we are thankful that you allowed us to become part of your home. But, ever wonder how we design and create the tiles you love working with so much?

Today, we’re taking you Behind the Design as we explore the life of a tile. 

Join us as we give you an exclusive look into our design process, with the team who curates all our collections in our new Behind the Design series. 

There’s a lot that goes into the making of tile. To explain this journey, we’ve outlined some of the most important aspects of the tile process from beginning to end. Scroll through the following gallery to learn the life of a tile:

From beginning to end, the life of a tile is one that requires constant planning, organization, and execution. Ultimately, what matters is how it looks in your living space. But now that you know what goes into the life of a tile, you’ll have more context the next time you think about renovating a space in your home. For more inspiration visit our House of JC Style here


Wondering how to prep a space, install tile, select tile, or even where to begin in a renovation? We take you Behind the Design of some of your favorite DIY renovations, to give you an inside look with ProTips, how-to guides + material lists. Stay tuned for more Behind the Design.

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