Tile Week

Posted April 20, 2022

The Renovation Challenge Heats Up in Week 3

The halfway point marks the beginning of voting as things heat up in Season 7 of the Renovation Challenge. This week is all about tile, with so many amazing design styles coming to life before the finishing touches are installed.

Each participant put their Wagner tools to work with fresh paint, new vanities for their Speakman hardware to be showcased and tile to really have each space come together.

Sarah N. went with our Basalt Herringbone Mosaic and Laurel Nickel with metallic accents to add a pop of bling to her zen-like bathroom.

Bringing a sophisticated style to her home, Tara brought in our Bedford Mosaic with natural stone laid in a basketweave pattern, coupled with 3”x6” Carrara subway tile for the perfect mix. Meanwhile, Vanessa installed a new subfloor, an important step to prep for tile, to make a solid foundation for her Midnight Hex Mosaic and vanity with the Maisie Lane tile.

Sarah M. installed her new bathtub and waterproofed her bathroom before her Weather Grey and Midnight Hex Mosaics are installed. Don’t miss how she installs her tile in different patterns to showcase just how versatile one tile can be.

Building all-new cabinetry from scratch, Mike has been busy this week. Installing his 4”x12” Basalt Field tile in a herringbone pattern to add some character to his laundry room, while his paint selections make for the perfect combo.

The Doheny Thassos Mosaic found a new home with Karla as she renovates her primary bathroom suite. Jenni also prepped her bathroom for her Basalt tile selections all with a baby on board.

Corey is making leaps in her renovation as she and her husband painted and laid all of their 6”x12” Carrara tile and has her Suburbs Mosaic install on deck.

Emily added a surprising twist to her renovation with an arch you won’t want to miss. The glam-inspired bathroom will be home to the Venetian Brick Mosaic, but where will she install it? You’ll have to stay tuned for the big reveals.

Until then,  vote for your favorite designers as they hit the mid-way point and hustle to finish their renovations for the grand finale.

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