Spotted At Home Depot

Posted September 6, 2018

Last week I went to Home Depot.

I originally planned the trip because one of my friends mentioned that the roses and shrubs were on sale and I am on a valiant quest to make my landscaping the talk of the neighborhood.  But somewhere between the fertilizer and the concrete stepping stones, I landed in the tile aisle.

If you have ever visited the tile aisle before you will understand when I say…

…it’s a magnificent thing.

Rows and rows of inspiration and sparkling tiles and bright shiny patterns and more tile than the world has ever seen.

And the shining star of the tile display?

Jeffrey Court.

In my Home Depot there are actually three entire sections devoted to the amazingness that is Jeffrey Court.

I thought it might be fun to show you what I discovered and look at the new products arriving on store shelves for fall of 2018.

Let’s start with this show stopper.

It’s a Moroccan tile shape in a darker taupe with light grout.  The brilliant thing about these tiles is that they are three dimensional so they create an old-world feel when used with a project.

Ready to design a kitchen around this tile?

I envision reclaimed wood cabinets with brass handles with clear-glass pendant lighting and brick flooring.

Maybe even a vintage piece repurposed as an island.

Hello stone.

Nice to meet you.

Look at the layers of color and pattern in this tile piece.  I love the pattern within a pattern within a pattern, in this Locket tile.  It looks like modern art meets an episode of Fixer Upper.

Ready to design a kitchen around this tile?

I envision stone countertops, reclaimed wood flooring, brushed nickel hardware and vintage lanterns.

Maybe even a built-in pantry with a vintage door.

If you ever think neutral is boring?  Just look at this Gris Rustico tile and think again.  I think there are literally 50 color variations in each piece.  Each piece of tile has a depth and a movement to it that make it look like a piece of contemporary art.

Ready to design a kitchen around this tile?

I envision white Corian countertops and light gray wood floors and crystal knobs and pale gray kitchen cabinets with a dark navy island.

And maybe a drum shade chandelier as a focal point.

But that’s not all.

Wait until you see what’s arriving in stores this fall.

Oversized tiles like these Firefly White Luster tile.

Look at the intricate pattern that creates a modern, yet timeless feel.

Or these Timber Picket tiles.

Look at the different grains on each of the tiles that mimic wood.

And the adorable shape that references a vintage picket fence.

But my favorite of all.

The tile that made my heart sing and my soul dance and my hair high light itself.

This incredible, beautiful, amazing gray and blue patterned encaustic tile, named Heirloom Blues.

I want to design a room around it.

I want to invite it to come and stay in my downstairs bath.

Isn’t it beautiful?

This tile and a zillion other brilliant tile choices are just around the corner at your local Home Depot.

Stop by and say hello.

The ideas and inspiration are waiting to meet you.


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