Renovation Challenge Week 5: It’s Rally Time!

Posted April 17, 2019


It’s week 5 here in the Renovation Challenge. This season has been filled with so many great transformations, challenges and all the excitement in between. 

This is by far, both the judges and the fans favorite time of the Challenge. All the anticipation comes to the grande finalé in just one week. 

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at what this week held for our 15 amazing DIYers. 

Both Amanda Garvin an Amanda Hendrix focused on some major projects, transforming their spaces from looking like demo week to a fully functioning kitchen and bath. 

Amy Geib, shares some of the best ways to waterproof your tub in a renovation. 

Some of our other DIYers took on some serious wood-working projects from a new transom window from Amy Beasler, to Jenna’s vent-a-hood and Jennifer’s new vanity for her house flip.

Leslie of My 100 Year Old Home, had her Windsor tile floors installed and they are looking fit for royalty, as she builds this addition from the ground up in our six week challenge. Truly impressive. 

Equally impressive is the progress and positive attitudes Morgan and Jamie of construction2style keep as they put the pedal to the metal and pull off crazy progress. Plumping is done, dry has gone up and even a floating sink is in. Up next, tile! 

This week Sonya shares how she built a shower from scratch and tiled the entire thing in less than a week. See more of her “how to” and the challenges she came across sharing how she overcame them, before taking on your next project. 

Still thinking about which grout to use? Stephanie of The Divine Living Space shares her choice of white grout on her floor. Yep, that’s right white on the floor, and it looks stunning. 

With so much left to do, it’s rally time!

Grab your rally cap in support of our 15 brave designers as they race to the finish line. 



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