Renovation Challenge Week 4: Creativity Takes Center Stage

Posted October 23, 2018

Two more weeks to go in the Fall Renovation Challenge and our designers are making such great progress and seem to be feeling good, as this week, they all focused on getting creative.

Emily of M+B Home Design took on her first tiling project, installing a beautiful focal point on her kitchen peninsula with a decorative choice using the Helena Springs field tile.

This week, Joy from The Aspiring Home was all about the tile, as she was able to complete her shower and bathroom floors and they’re looking great.

Meanwhile, Amy tackled refinishing 52 cabinet doors and inspired us all to keep going to the finish line.

“Great use of the sprayer to save you so much time, your cabinets look brand new,” said judging duo Lindi and Russel Vanderschaaf.

Kendra got creative and is doing a mid-century modern meets coastal beach take on her bathroom renovation. Check out her mood board, it is sparking so many ideas over here and we are sure it will for you too.

“We love the dark Castle Rock hexagon tile you used with a light grout, this combo looks so sharp,” said Lindi of Patti’s bathroom flooring.

Another great color combo comes from Sara who added a pop of colored wallpaper to her white tiled bathroom and added a colored vanity to tie her bathroom together so perfectly.

Adding a first-ever for the Renovation Challenge is Kelly of The Tattered Pew with her hand-laid welcome doormat that reads “Home.” This gives us all the warm and fuzzy feels.

“What a truly creative piece, we never thought that’s what you were doing with your tile install,” said Lindi.

Completing her entryway tiling early in the Challenge, Michele got creative and made a boot tray with her leftover tile to compliment her space and gives added functionality. Kudos to Michele for her creativity.

Amanda is pulling her space together as well, with paint, tile and an oh so cute art piece. We can’t wait to see how the space looks when it’s done.

Coming up next for Virginia, Shara and Laura now that they’ve prepped their spaces is adding in their carefully curated tile selections into their respective rooms as we head into week 5.

Stay tuned to see what else is in store as we are quickly nearing the end of the Fall Renovation Challenge.

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