Renovation Challenge Week 1: The Game Plan

Posted October 1, 2019

We’re excited to get week 1 of the Renovation Challenge Season 4 started with amazing transformations in the works! 

This season, we have bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry and more that are all in desperate need of a makeover. And man, are there some doozies this season. The eleven amazing designers we introduced you to last week have their game plans ready and are all set to go. 

Let’s take a look at what Week One holds for our Challengers.

Bethany Crisp is taking on her master bath that currently features grape wallpaper… in a bathroom.

“While I am not opposed to a little wine with a bubble bath, the grapes had to go,” said Bethany.

From the looks of it, we have to agree.

Meanwhile, Carmen Smith is creating a space that takes the dread of doing laundry away, with a fresh-look fit for even the toughest stains.  

Tammy Tillery, is taking her main bathroom from builder grade to ultra-chic. Getting rid of the 90’s look is key to achieving her dream bathroom to show off to any guest.

We know renovations can seem, well challenging, and no one said it better than Chelsea Johnson as she takes on her master bath.

“You know what, after the renovation dust settles….you forget the stress, the never-ending trips back and forth to Home Depot, the late nights, the endless pizza dinners and the TV babysitter. So, we decided to do it again.”

Chelsea also shares a great how-to on demoing your bathroom, while Emily Buys talks about keeping that pesky dust to a minimum without it taking over your home.

The game plan continues with Jessie Ecker tackling her master bath and as a first-time DIYer of a whole master, she shares all you need to know about gutting your space down to the studs, and how to bring it back to life. 

Lyndsey Ashdown shares her thoughts on gutting the shared bathroom for the Challenge. “I’m a firm believer in that a single room can totally change your mood. And that specific room has always brought me down. So I decided to totally gut it and start over!”

Monica Chavez shares the tile that caught her eye and how to mix tile in your space to perfectly complement each other.

A new mudroom is in the works from Nicole Pankopp, as she takes an oversized playroom to give herself the mudroom she’s always wanted.

Tune in for more on these exciting renovations and see who makes a game-time decision. Browse all the before images of each space in Season 4 of the Renovation Challenge

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the action. Voting opens in just two weeks and these DIYers need your votes. 

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