Posted June 14, 2017


This dynamic marble mosaic lends itself to placement in any kitchen. The natural variation of bright lights and deep blacks within each tile occur in nature. This juxtaposition also sets a stage for colors and textures of all types to surround it.

The matte black color of the cabinets highlights and enhances the dark veins in the marble. Since the slab cabinet doors lack carving or extra ornament, they contribute a modern impression. The main countertops are glossy black, but the island is draped with a light marble, brightening the space.

The island also features a natural wood accent along the breakfast bar area. The chestnut brings warmth and comfort to a diner, so they may enjoy a long brunch atop the leather cushioned stools. The texture of wood is relatively rough in contrast to the countertops, marble floor and smooth stainless appliances. This difference in textures creates interest for visitors and homeowners alike.


A playful, unique pendant fixture hanging above the island or dining table is a great way to add some special flair to the kitchen. This wrought-iron creation is reminiscent of the black cabinets, but the round shape adds a new dimension of appeal. The distinctive light fixtures and wooden accents add character and comfort to the space, but the little details make a difference. Hang wall art and arrange personal keepsakes on available shelving to further personalize the space.

These touches will also help combat the monotony that can result from a predominantly black and white space. Introduce color through accessories. Dishes can be displayed in wall cabinets with glass panels, or even on open shelving. If you prefer to keep dishes and pans out of sight, color can be introduced through other decorations like fresh flowers; switch out your common clear vase with one that coordinates with the room’s style.


The chevron pattern in this marble mosaic allows one to create a youthful and contemporary backsplash. Larger marble floor tiles coordinate with the smaller marble pieces in the mosaic, tying the room together in harmony without any surface overpowering another. Reducing countertop clutter allows the gorgeous mosaic to catch the eye as it deserves to.



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