Lolly Jane: Fueled by Diet Coke and the Prospect of a Dream Vacation

Posted May 18, 2018

16 Participants, six weeks and one room, makes for a pretty intense competition. We were so fortunate to have such talented designers and bloggers participate in our first Spring Renovation Challenge.

The Challenge began as a bracket-style competition, but with each designer making so much progress so quickly, the judges decided to throw out the bracket completely and it was anyone’s title for the taking. We definitely did not envy the judges having to try and vote on a winner. There was so many great transformations, and after the final Facebook Live judging panel we are excited to announce that the winner of the Spring Renovation Challenge is Lolly Jane from Gilbert, Arizona.

With many late nights fueled by Diet Coke, the identical twin sisters Kelli and Kristi, rallied together to get the bathroom space completed in the nick of time for panel.

“I initially received the email and signed Kelli up right away and told her later, knowing she had wanted and needed to get her bathroom done for a while,” said Kristi.

Jumping in to the whirlwind of a challenge the sisters encountered more challenges than just the one we were hosting.

“This was our first time working with tile and renovating a bathroom that needed so much work we hired, and fired three contractors,” said Kelli. “I really wasn’t sure we were going to make it.”

Drawing their source of inspiration for the glam farmhouse bathroom from our Allegro White Fan tile, or as their readers call it the “mermaid tile,” the space began to take shape.

“As soon as I saw the fan tile I feel in love with it,” said Kelli. “I loved the modern look, I loved the shape, everything!”

Surprised by her sisters modern selection verses the more classic approach Kelli takes, the sisters wanted to create a custom space with built-in shelves, a new vanity and beautiful floral wallpaper to tie everything together.

After six weeks of no sleep, things going wrong and many adventures along the way, Lolly Jane was able to transform their bathroom space into an oasis, fit for dance parties.

“Our other sister happened to be visiting at the time we were wrapping up the challenge and inspired us to celebrate with a dance party,” said Kelli.

So much hard work, finally coming to an end and the only left was the big announcement.

Who would win a dream vacation? The options were many, but the choice was hard. The judges finally cast their votes and popped a bottle of champagne as they announced Lolly Jane as the first Renovation Challenge winners.

Now the only thing left is to pick a vacation destination and that may be a challenge all on its own.

Cheers, to Lolly Jane and all our designers. It’s been a fun six weeks and we can’t wait to see what else you create. 

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