Posted July 24, 2018

I can’t EVEN.

Today is THE DAY.

The day of CAPITAL LETTERS and cartwheels and joy and FINALLY getting to share with you what I’ve been working on.

Remember when I told you that the amazing tile brand Jeffrey Court came out to my house and we worked for a week solid with a team of about 12 people and created a project that I was OVER-THE-MOON about?

Remember how excited I was?

Remember how I told you that I wanted you all to be a part of it too?

Remeber how I couldn’t wait to share?


Are you ready?

Are you set?

Are you sitting down?

Meet my…..


It’s all me.

And my house.

And my favorite tiles.

And inspiration boards for projects for every type of design style.

32 amazing, incredible, awesome pages full of beautiful color photographs and design boards and inspiration that we photographed right here at the new Thistlewood.

Jeffrey Court and I put this together for anyone who’s ever looked at tile and hoped and dreamed and wanted to create a new space and a new look—but didn’t know where to start.

It’s like I wrote in the introduction to this book:

I once spent an entire weekend styling my dollhouse.  I cut out pieces of bright, vividly colored wallpaper and taped it to the walls.  I made furniture out of twigs and snipped pictures out of magazines, framing them with ribbon.  I filled the tiny dollhouse kitchen with salt-dough food, added rugs made out of woven construction paper and cut tiny white tiles out of typing paper.  I spent hours gluing them into a mosaic on the bathroom floor.

And when I was done?

Somehow all of those tiny pieces of paper and salt-dough and ribbon transformed themselves into something amazing.

That’s the thing about decorating.  Step-by-step, piece-by-piece, room-by-room—it transforms a house into a home.

But in truth?

Sometimes decorating can be a little challenging.  The entire process can be a little overwhelming.  We look at our bathroom or our kitchen and ask ourselves:  Where do I begin?  How do I get started?

That’s exactly why we put together this lookbook.

To give you a start.

To give you inspiration.

No matter your style or where you are on the journey—there’s a project for you.

I put together inspiration boards like this one.

And then we transformed them into projects like this one.

It’s the hutch in my kitchen with a new look from simple pieces of tile.

But here’s the BEST PART OF THE STORY.

We want to give you the lookbook for FREE.

All for you.


I know, right?

(total aside:  now do you see why I told you that you had to be sitting down?)

Simply fill out your address and we’ll mail out a lookbook to you for FREE.

We only have a limited quantity to mail out. So hurry to get yours today.

I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did creating it.

Happy decorating.

PS  We released the Lookbook at Haven in the Jeffrey Court booth.  There was standing room only and we had a giant countdown to release it and I may or may not have danced around with it holding over my head.


What happens at Haven stays at Haven.


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