Inspired 6: Vienna—25 Years in the Making

Posted December 29, 2016

Maybe it’s just because we recently came off of a photo shoot, or maybe it’s because I am already trying to figure out where to put some of these products in my own home, but this edition of our “Inspired 6” is  dedicated to our Vienna Collection.


Helping out laying floors on set


Snapped a quick photo of a frame to share with co-workers. Don’t you just love photo magic?

Vienna is one of the newest and most innovative collections we created for Home Depot. When charged to create a groundbreaking program, our product development team pulled out all of the stops. Pinboards quickly went up of everything that inspired us. We scoured national tradeshows and local events looking for unique inspiration. After nearly a year of designing, we had our collection basically solidified. At the same time, Jeffrey Court’s 25th anniversary was just around the corner. We stepped back and realized that Vienna was the culmination of 25 years of designing decorative tile products for The Home Depot ®. This served as inspiration to push Vienna even further to be the very best of what is available in decorative tile at The Home Depot ®.


Finally, with our line list solidified we reached out to Barb Schmidt of Studio B-Style to design some incredible spaces using our Vienna Collection. Our true vision for Vienna soon came to life thanks to Barb, Tim Nehotte Photography, and our friends at Kohler, and Whirlpool.


What makes Vienna great, and even better to design with is:

  1. First caliber materials and craftsmanship: Details are what makes the design and it shows!
  2. Versatility: Vienna features timeless hues which will stand the test of time. Also, the array of choices in Vienna can be adapted to numerous interior styles. Here are just a few that we discovered:
    1. Black, White, Black and White
    2. Industrial Chic
    3. Modern Farmhouse
    4. Mid-Century Modern
    5. Scandinavian Minimalist
    6. Rustic
    7. Cottage
  3. Vienna can be used in a wide variety of spaces. The only limit is your imagination (and building codes). Here are a few suggestions:
    1. Kitchen backsplashes
    2. Bathroom vanities & light traffic floors
    3. Feature Walls
    4. Fireplace Surrounds
    5. Shower Walls
    6. Shower Pan
    7. Laundry Rooms
    8. Mud Rooms
    9. Butlers Pantry
    10. Bar Backs


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