Top 5 Bathroom Vanity and Tile Trends

Posted June 25, 2019

Spring is here and it’s one of my favorite times of the year.

It’s the time when flowers bloom, winter coats go back into the closet as we shake off the snow and ice, and watch as the world turns green. Spring also brings with it all the projects that winter didn’t have time (or allow) for. It’s when the house gets painted and the living room gets re-wallpapered, the closets get cleaned out, and all the cobwebs get swept away.

And bathrooms? They often get a refresh, too!

Sometimes all it takes is a new vanity and tile pattern to make any bathroom look refreshed and stylish. Is a bathroom refresh on your spring project renovation list?

Here are some great bathroom vanity and tile combinations just for you.

Black Glass and Sink Vanity Set – Crystal Canyon Mosaic

1. Black and Light are Always in Style

Here a classic black cabinet with a glass top coordinates perfectly with the geometric lines of the Crystal Canyon Mosaic Tile. This graphic combination is a classic choice with its simple symmetry and bold styling. The white mosaic tile provides a crisp backdrop for the black vanity with its matte finish and architectural details.

2. Old-World for the New Age

This vanity and tile combination offers old-world glamour along with a bit of whimsy. The two-door, two-drawer vanity with its mirrored surfaces and marble countertop coordinates well with the simple shell silhouette of the Cloudy Daze Mosaic Tile. The neutral color palette is brought to life with the texture and shine of both the vanity and the tile.

Rustic Single Sink Vanity – Reflection Patterned Tile

3. The Industrial Bathroom Evolution

The rustic aesthetic and simple styling of this single sink vanity pairs eloquently with this brilliantly patterned tile. The vivid geometric print of the ceramic tile provides a bold backdrop for the clean lines of this bathroom vanity. Perfect for a farmhouse bathroom or lake house, this combo works well by introducing texture and pattern to the equation.

4. Warm-Up with Wood Accents

Hello, Modern. Nice to meet you. The beautiful, warm walnut wood of this vanity juxtaposed with its modern steel frame is the perfect complement to this vividly patterned tile. This white and gray marble tile with brass accents in a chevron pattern looks like contemporary artwork and brilliantly complements the clean lines and aesthetic of the vanity.

Italian Marble Double Sink Vanity – Allegro White Herringbone Mosaic

5. Stay Classic with Neutral Colors

This bathroom vanity and tile trend is all about classic styling. With its clean lines and brushed nickel hardware, this vanity is screaming for a perfect tile partner. Look no further than the intricate pattern of the Allegro White herringbone mosaic. Want to make it really stand out? Change up the look of the tile with a dark grout for a dramatic contrast.

Whatever bathroom vanity you choose, you can accent it in style by choosing a patterned tile in a variety of styles and colors. It’s a fun project with nearly limitless combinations available online and in-stores at The Home Depot. Make this spring a little brighter with a bathroom refresh and let your personality and design aesthetic shine.

If this wasn’t enough, you can find more inspiration for your next project from KariAnne here.

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