5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Backsplash

Posted October 26, 2016

The backsplash is a key design element for any kitchen. Choosing a design that suits your needs first and your wants later will increase your overall satisfaction for years to come. Here are five major points to consider when choosing a backsplash for your kitchen:


There are a few different backsplash styles to choose from when designing a kitchen. The traditional, contemporary, modern and old school styles are among the most popular choices currently being used in interior design. A perfect backsplash is one that complements the overall style and theme of a kitchen.


A backsplash can be constructed from one or many types of materials—most commonly stone, tile, porcelain, metal and glass, to name a few. These materials make great choices and are custom designed to suit various styles.


You may not realize it, but your countertop is the number one factor when choosing the color of a backsplash. A multi-colored backsplash radiates beautifully when placed next to a quiet countertop. In contrast, dark countertops usually complement lighter colored backsplashes.

Focal Points

General focal points include the cooking zone over the stove and under a hood vent, the sink area, as well as around accent walls.


Some stone or ceramic tiles are more absorbent and porous than others, requiring more than one sealer application. Metal tiles such as copper, bronze and stainless steel require maintenance technique applications to keep them looking new. Some material such as copper will age over time, creating a preferred patina on some backsplashes.

Installing a backsplash is the best and most affordable way to enhance the overall atmosphere of a kitchen while protecting walls against living elements. While there are other factors to keep in mind, the points above are some of the essentials to consider and a great place to start when planning your backsplash installation.

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