Hi everyone! This is Lindi, from Love Create Celebrate. I am beyond excited to be joining the House of JC Style! I’ll be joining the other great designers in sharing inspiration from renovations and projects my husband and I have completed in our home! I can’t wait to share some of the design lessons and home improvement skills that we’ve learned throughout our renovation journey. I know this will be a space to inspire creativity and I’m sure I’ll learn from all of you along the way too! Can’t wait to see you at the House of JC Style!


Lindi Vanderschaaf is the owner and writer of the DIY and home decor blog, Love Create Celebrate, where she is helping others love, create, and celebrate their homes by sharing her favourite DIY furniture projects, DIY home decor projects, and home renovations.

Lindi and her husband, Russel, along with their three children, live in Northern Canada where they are designing and renovating their hip roof home, one room at a time. They tackle almost every project in the home themselves, from tiling to DIY artwork, and occasionally even building their own furniture.

Lindi is a award nominated blog writer, after just a few years of blogging. She has been featured in online publications including Apartment Therapy, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living, and Buzzfeed. She has been featured in print by Country Sampler and This Old House Magazine this coming Spring.

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