It’s Rally Time

Posted May 4, 2022

There’s only one week left in Season 7 of the Renovation Challenge, and our DIYers need your support. It’s time to rally behind each designer as they push forward to the finish line. Emily is wrapping up her tiling to focus on her vanity and décor. At the same time, Corey installs new cabinetry in her laundry room, and Jenni... Read More


Renovation Challenge Week 4

Posted April 27, 2022

With only two weeks remaining in Season 7 of the Renovation Challenge, each space is starting to come together as we anxiously await Reveal Week. This week Vanessa shared just how efficient and power the Wagner roller brush is in her bathroom refresh, while Speakman is starting to pop up in each space. Mike’s matte black faucet perfectly pairs with... Read More


Tile Week

Posted April 20, 2022

The Renovation Challenge Heats Up in Week 3 The halfway point marks the beginning of voting as things heat up in Season 7 of the Renovation Challenge. This week is all about tile, with so many amazing design styles coming to life before the finishing touches are installed. Each participant put their Wagner tools to work with fresh paint, new... Read More